Omaha Restaurants

I intended to post numerous Omaha restaurant reviews here, but after attempting to “clean up” my blog, I admit that I failed.  Completely.

So you can read the prior Omaha Restaurant posts but realize that they are aged.  I have not decided whether to revisit an “Omaha Restaurant” theme.

Seemed like a good idea at the time …

If you’re angry about this, you need to visit Dario’s at 50th and Underwood in the O.  His daily crepes are a bit pricey (choose carefully)–but you’ll feel like you’re in a European cafe.

Riverside Grill

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JFP and I crossed the border into Council Bluffs, IA for a meeting with a spicy turkey sandwich and a cheeseburger.  Riverside Grill is a 6-iron from Harrah’s Casino right on the Missouri River. The food gets a B but the ambionse ambiance an A.

Here’s the Missouri ticked off:

I attended the 2000 Republican National Convention in Philadelphia, PA back in the day.  Condeleeza Rice delivered the Tuesday night keynote address and hit the ball out of the park.  Later that night, I was riding down an escalator and someone stepped on my foot.  I turned and was face-to-face with Dr. Rice.  I struggled to say something clever, like “That’s not the last foot you’ll step on”, but couldn’t quite piece it together.  So I did this:

DA:  Nice speech.

Doc R:  Why thank you.

Huh, that’s it?!  You’re face-to-face with the former Stanford Provost and future Secretary of State and that’s your best?  Step your game up, son.

As a diversion, we gambled at a Donald Trump casino in Atlantic City.  I was playing 3rd base at a Blackjack table and displeased some older ladies with my play.  (3rd base is the final person to receive or decline a card before the dealer makes his or her move.  If 3rd base screws up, it can affect the entire table.)  The older ladies finally had it with me and left.  The guy at 1st base looked over and said, “You just keep doing whatever you’re doing.  I’m winning.”  At least he was happy …

Since this post is pretty weak, I’ll cut my losses and stop.  Have a fine weekend.  GBR.


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I ate lunch with my good friend Dick (DK) at Stokes at 114th and Dodge in The O.  The wood-fire grilled chicken was tasty as was the zucchini.

DK had Sharon’s Enchiladas, which are cardiac arrest smothered with cheese.  DK even let me sample a couple bites, which were fantastic.

DK gave me blogging pointers that I’ll attempt to implement.  We discussed a blog’s purpose and agreed that blogging should revolve around you.  Trying to drive traffic can be somewhat insincere.  Blog for yourself and readership will follow.

Stokes gets an A.


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I meet with a business development lunch group on Tuesdays (when I’m able).  The group consists of business people from various industries who develop friendships and business leads.  To you PBE’ers reading this, welcome aboard.

We meet at Spezia–just north of 72nd and Grover in the O.  Spezia is a great Italian restaurant.  They grade out at A.

La Spezia (Audio) is the capital city of the province of La Spezia (think New York City, New York, but New York City isn’t New York’s capital).  Here’s Italy now:


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I ate lunch at Wohlner’s, located a Driver/2-iron from Putnam Law Offices (my employer).  Wohlner’s is a local grocery chain with a hip restaurant and great fresh grillin’ steaks.  Damien Wright (attorney/friend) joined me.  I ate a tasty cobb salad (trying to clean up my nutrition).

I give Wohler’s a B+.  You should visit them at Aksarben Village.  For the record, Aksarben is Nebraska backward and previously housed a horse race track.  The Omaha tornado of 1975–an F-4–passed just 6 blocks west of Aksarben while 9,000 people watched.  That thing takes a right turn, and you and your crew have serious carnage.  (Is there another kind?)

I know two couples who attended the races back in the day.  The guys sat in front of their wives.  An attractive young women walked past the couples.

One husband to the other:  ”Man, look at that!”

One wife to leering husband’s wife, “Doesn’t that bother you?”

Wife of leering guy:  ”Nope.  Active mind, lazy body.”

Boom goes the dynamite.

Cali Taco

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Omaha is well-known for good food.  Guy Fieri of Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives has made a visit or two.  (Don’t peg me as one of those who believes their hometown is unique and that no other towns have good food.  I’m not That Guy who says, “Just wait 5 minutes and the weather will change.  It’s Nebraska.”  Like no other states have variable weather.  OK, I’m straying.)

My friend Jeff and I went to California Taco recently.  The place was packed at 12:30 on a Friday afternoon.  Owner Brad Bogard was running the show and delivering.  We pigged out on beef tacos, beans, rice, and chips and guac for 20 bucks. (Thanks again for lunch, JFP.)  Nap time …

If you’re committed to greasy goodness, check it out.  32nd and California in the O–just a well-struck 3-wood west of Creighton University Med Center.


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